We tested the Proximus Androïd V7 decoder: here is all that changes


We tested the Proximus Androïd V7 decoder: here is all that changes

Proximus has been offering an improved and more complete “interface” for several weeks. Currently, only owners of the latest version of their decoder (V7) can take advantage of all its features.

We tested the Proximus Androïd V7 decoder: here is all that changes
This new decoder, which operates using the Android operating system, is currently offered to new customers. What about the elders? They can request it. Those who have activated the “All Stars” or “All Stars + Sports” option will get it for free. The others will have to negotiate (via 0800 / 33.800), but Proximus is very open on this subject for the moment. Please note: this free replacement operation should not last forever. So don’t delay in applying if you are interested …

But what does this famous new V7 Androïd decoder from Proximus TV actually change? You will find your usual Pickx interface… but with more features. The main one: that of being able, yourself, to install applications via the Google Play store. The “most popular” applications such as YouTube, Netflix or the latest Disney + (a service offered free to “All Stars” and “All Stars + Sports” subscribers) can be found there. That of Be tv also. Just like, and this is new, the “RTL Play” application. Convenient for watching, from your TV screen, new programs (except sports) reserved for this app. Users can even install apps… illegal for their IPTV subscription. The other side of the coin? Not necessarily, the “fraudsters” did not hear this decoder to give in to these illegal sirens.

Another novelty: the Chromecast is integrated into the decoder (whereas a solution costs + -38 euros in the trade). On the forums, some complain about the difficulty of activating it. This is wrong: you just need to go to “Settings” – “Device settings” – “Preferences” – “Google Cast” and activate it. This will allow you to easily watch the video content of your smartphone or tablet on your large TV screen. Like those of Auvio, for example. In this regard, good news: RTBF will finally deploy Auvio as an Android app by the end of the year. It will be easier … Until it arrives, too, on Apple TV?

For the rest, note that the interface on this V7 decoder no longer highlights the traditional “zapping” of “daddy” channels. You can of course continue to zap as before (some people complain about the channel’s info being displayed in full screen, but you get used to it very quickly and it’s not very restrictive either). For others, it’s a Netflix-style zapping that is offered to you, with program recommendations. But you don’t have to go through it, if you don’t like it.

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