The solution in “graphene” .. Design smart clothes that can reduce body temperature


The solution in “graphene” .. Design smart clothes that can reduce body temperature


A team of researchers from the National University of Manchester’s “Graphene” Institute designed smart, adaptable clothing that can lower the wearer’s body temperature in hot climates by exploiting the graphene’s elasticity and thermal properties.


“The ability to control thermal radiation is an essential process in many important applications, such as controlling body temperature in very hot climates, and thermal blankets are a common example used for this purpose. But the real challenge comes in maintaining these Functions during high or low temperatures in the surrounding areas. ”


Cocapas believes that “graphene” has managed to overcome its elastic properties over this dilemma, as it can adapt to the decrease or increase in the temperature surrounding it.


The University of Manchester has a long history with “graphene”. In 2004 thick graphene was isolated with one seed and explored for the first time at the university. Today, its potential applications are limitless, including wearables.


The new research builds on the team’s previous work using “graphene” to create a military thermal camouflage suit that can trick infrared cameras. But the new fabric has an important new advantage, as it can be incorporated into existing manufacturing-based textile materials such as cotton.


To demonstrate this advantage, the team designed a prototype shirt that allows its wearer to display invisible messages readable by infrared cameras.


Cocabas explained that the new results show the possibility of converting the exceptional optical properties of graphene into technologies with new capabilities, and traditional materials cannot provide such solutions.


“The next step in this area of ​​research is to meet the need to manage the temperature of satellites orbiting in the Earth’s orbit,” he added. By controlling thermal radiation and regulating satellite temperature upon request. “

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