Poderosas, the inspiring program that was born in the middle of the pandemic


Listening to girl power podcasts, it occurred to me that with so many powerful and inspiring women in our country, why not make a 100% Paraguayan podcast? Talking with Pai Caballero, (with whom I have a working relationship, friendship and a lot of learning for years), I commented on the idea and after 15 minutes he called me to say to prepare one: “Tomorrow you have a meeting with the Gen channel. becomes a program! ”

The rest is history. Poderosas today is a beautiful reality, with a fantastic and mega powerful host: Marilé Unger. Since the idea started in my head, Marilé was the face of the project. Then a beautiful production team joined in, incredible, powerful and inspiring guests, brands who bet and believed in us from the beginning.

The first season of this dream came true, with the aim of putting a grain of sand so that all women in the world are happy, independent, and above all, feel completely fulfilled in their lives.

We bid farewell to this first season, grateful to the powerful women who accompanied us:

Astrid Poletti, talented and admired artist and entrepreneur, who shared her story and how she created a brand that lasts over time.

Tana Schémbori, internationally recognized filmmaker, trusted her instincts and followed her passion, leaving indelible marks and marking a before and after in Paraguayan cinema.

Cintia Estay, architect and businesswoman, who started a business from scratch, giving a professional approach to the organization and order of spaces.

Rebeca Mendoza, marketer and director of the Naho Foundation, which turned her work activities around and helps teenage mothers.

Jessi Miralles, professional event organizer who managed to be a benchmark in the field and brings happiness with her events to so many people.

Liz Grutter, director of a supermarket chain; It was born in a family business and was professionalizing it and taking it to another level.

Gabriela Campos Cervera, founder and director of Alfajores Dulce Manjar, who was brave to undertake, succeeded and continues to succeed.

Monserrat Jiménez, a lawyer for Conmebol, an example of breaking gender stereotypes in leadership.

Claudia Casarino, visual artist, who shows how she sees reality through her eyes and inspires thousands of people.

Andrea Lafarja, pilot, who conquered the Chaco and the Dakar. It showed us that you have to follow your dreams and focus on goals that seem impossible.

Maria E. Núñez, a charismatic woman with many years on TV, who told us her story, and that the effort behind and you cannot see it is enormous.

Fátima Agüero, a dermatologist, leads a field, and explained to us how it is a privilege, but also a constant challenge.

Berta Rojas, guitarist and teacher, an extremely influential woman who in the last program filled us with inspiration with her life story.

From my heart, thank you Poderosas. Let’s go for more inspiration and life stories!

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