Clarify the meaning of the term Hacktivism or what is called electronic resistance



What is the term Hacktivism?
It is a term that refers to electronic resistance, which is a mixture between real penetration and the practice of some political or religious activities, and penetration is organized to defend certain issues, and many parties and many countries consider electronic resistance to be complete terrorism and the perpetrators are punished. In the same degree as the punishment for hypothetical terrorism, and also known as the term Hacktivism, they are organized and studied attacks by hacking experts or piracy experts against certain countries or certain entities such as companies or organizations to defend specific cases, the purpose in the beginning of the matter of carrying out these attacks was to attract attention The media of the issue to be defended and shed light on, but with the development of hacking methods and the beginning of hackers to form secret organizations, the matter has become more dangerous and more organized than just drawing attention, and one attack can end a country completely and end the entire state’s economy in a breach The so-called scada system, however, electronic resistance may cause very large financial losses due to attacking banks’ and government websites and the infrastructure systems in the countries.


Methods of Hacktivism Attacks
When we come to talk about the methods of carrying out these attacks, it differs from group to group, and each group has its own way of attacking, some of them target specific services and sites, and some of them target the entire country, including ministries and corporate sites, and among these organizations is the organization Venom And AES organization, each of which has specific goals.


Objects that are targeted in organized attacks
In general, every attack has a specific cause and priority, but the focus is mostly on government infrastructure systems and trying to influence the economy and reach losses in financial terms. Energy sources such as gas, oil and oil pipelines, water pumping systems and generation are accessed. energy.


Realistic story of electronic resistance
It is the death of the Chinese pilot in 2001 when his plane collided with an American reconnaissance plane in China, and then the issue spread and the Chinese hackers began to organize organized and deliberate cyber attacks to defend their pilot.

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