2 more pirated IPTV services pursued by DISH Network


been a constant in the last few months, but this time it is the resellers of pirated IPTV services, IPTV Set TV and Simply-TV, who were sued by Dish Network, which started the case in a Florida, USA court.

For those unfamiliar, DISH Network is an American TV operator based in Englewood, Colorado. They are the owners of Dish direct broadcast satellite, and an over-the-top IPTV and Sling TV platform. Dish also operates Dish Wireless LLC to offer wireless mobile service, and currently has 9.3 million customers and more than 16,000 employees.

In 2018, DISH Network had previously prosecuted the pirated IPTV SET TV service for offering several TV channels that had been obtained illegally through DISH’s satellite service. In November of that year, that particular lawsuit came to an end when SET TV operators were ordered by a Florida court to pay about $ 90 million in legal damages. However, DISH was never convinced that its work had ended, and now it is certain that it is still in operation.

Regarding Simply-TV the situation is not much different, since in 2019 DISH and NagraStar filed another lawsuit in the Florida court, which targeted several individuals, and companies, who did business collectively through Simply-TV, a service that costs about $ 20 a month, and that several users described as having many similarities to SET TV.

IPTV Operation Evil Web DISH Network
DISH Network again attacks IPTV Set TV and Simply-TV
However, DISH complained that Simply-TV worked with SET TV-related entities that capture DISH content without their permission, with Simply-TV also reselling the service to third parties under its own brands, structures, and prices . The Florida court quickly issued a temporary restraining order and later, in April, converted it into a comprehensive precautionary measure.

Now, Dish Network, with the new lawsuits against SET TV and Simply-TV, demands a permanent injunction that prevents them from illegally obtaining and distributing their television content and manufacturing, or selling, configured devices and / or subscriptions.
In addition, they ask that advertising by these pirated IPTV service resellers be stopped immediately, and require compensation of millions of dollars.

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